Wednesday Russian News Items

Posted to Russian Notes by Dr. Bruce Holl 10 January 2018
CST 0707 GMT 1307 Moscow 1607

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RFE/Radio Liberty: “Human rights groups in Russia and abroad are condemning the detention of a leading activist in Chechnya on a narcotics charge they contend was fabricated, and are calling for his immediate release.”

TASS: “Leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party and presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky has slammed a recent US decision to rename a street outside the Russian Embassy in Washington DC in honor of late Russian politician Boris Nemtsov as a step aimed against Moscow. ‘This is deliberately done to spite us in front of our embassy,’ the outspoken politician, who will run in the upcoming March presidential election for the sixth time, told reporters.”

Новая газета: “В декабре 2017 года Резервный фонд был полностью потрачен. С 1 февраля он прекратит свое существование, сообщается на сайте Минфина”.

Эхо Москвы: “В Совете Европы призывают российские власти незамедлительно освободить главу чеченского представительства правозащитного центра «Мемориал» Оюба Титиева, — передает «Интерфакс»”.