Exam I Guide

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ML&L 3342 Exam I Guide Summer 2017
The exam will be in class on Friday, June 15
You may not use your notes or books
I will provide paper
Write in pen

I Short Answer (67%)
You will be asked to provide the date, where relevant, plus four salient points about seven of the following items. Not all of the items will be on the exam but you will have some choice. Note that the items overlap. You will not be required to write in complete sentences.

Historical Trends and Events
The Slavs and Varangians
The city states, Novgorod
The Mongols/Tatars
The "Time of Troubles"
The age of reforms under Alexander II
The October revolution & the civil war period
The immigration (first wave)
The early Stalin period (before the Great Patriotic War)
The Great Patriotic War
The Thaw
The period of stagnation

Ivan IV "The Terrible"
Peter I "The Great"
Catherine II "The Great"
Nikolai I
Alexander II "The Liberator"
Nikolai II

II Literature (33 %)
You will answer both questions. You must cite specific examples from the books. Since you will not be using your books you do not need to cite chapters or page numbers but you must cite passages that you remember

We discussed a number of possible interpretations of the Gogol stories in class. These include the presence of the Devil, sexual anxiety, surrealism (as defined in the list of terms on PeoplesOfRussia.com), Nabokov's theory of "futile humility and futile domination," formalism (such as the use of the word "even") and social criticism. Which interpretation or interpretations do you find most convincing for the three stories we read? Address all three works. Use examples from the works to support your interpretations. You do not need to use the same interpretation for each story.

What are the components of Orwell's allegory of Soviet history? Whom do the characters represent? What historical events are depicted? Is Orwell completely accurate or does he diverge from the actual historical record?